my grandmother’s poem

here is a painting based on a poem by my grandmother

Mary Lisle

it is tricky to read unless you are familiar with the poem so i have put the translation here.

It was published in 1947.  Still so current today with young men wanting the excitement and promises of war…

Life was a woman to him, challenging.El_Alamein

A fickle lovely gypsy taunting men with promise of incredible rendezvous and tales of fairy gold where rainbows end.

She stirred the hidden courses of his blood to joy of

conquest and life surrendered to his mastery

the unaccustomed kindness of her lips, all the lithe beauty of her nakedness;

But in the crowning moment of embrace, she slipped from him, and her sister took her place-

dark death who hoods her face and no man woos.

She wound thin arms around him tenderly- and closed his eyes with her long kiss.

He never knew with whom he kept love’s ultimate


Mary Lisle


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