cat lady

cat lady with cup of tea IMG_2070 cat lady IMG_1665 Cross Cat Lady Cat Lady on Blue

Just thought i would put all my recent cat paintings together.  The five cat lady paintings were done close together. I think they came about because it was looking like i was going to be single again. Though it is more likely i would turn in to a chicken lady than a cat lady.  The  relationship is still going ….. today is a good day.


2 thoughts on “cat lady

  1. I’m a SRG (single, retired grandma) addicted to “doodling”. I find the practice soothes me. I’m learning to live with the voices that tell me it’s a waste of time and that I’m not good enough. Your work inspires me to keep at it. Please consider sharing your technique for layering. The piece with the woman sitting on a snail, playing a violin is so lovely.


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