design project

maybe do this while you are waiting for my colouring in book!! arranging flowers with wordIMG_0737

Think of a word that you would like to
work with: love, peace, kindness, joy,
grace, rhubarb
Draw a rectangle, giving your self lots of
space around it as a border
(maybe 20×12 cm)

Divide the spaces so there is one letter
per space. When putting your letters in,
think about ‘space filling’ each box. Treat
each letter as a new adventure and yet
keeping them simple.
Don’t go left brain writing unconscious
(freehand is good)
practise using your pencil lightly – then
when you use a soft kneaded rubber you
can keep changing and tweaking your
design again and again.arranging flowers with word2arranging flowers with word3

Hints for Choosing Colour
Use a limited palette
Select your colours from just one side of
the colour wheel.
Use just these colours starting with the
largest areas first.
Then choose a few small areas to colour
using colour from the opposite side of
the wheel
use an earth pallet
browns, kahki , ochre, burnt orange brick


Use colour pencils or water colour if
your paper is robust enough. I am using
Derwent Inktense pencils and Posca
acrylic pens that go over everything.
Posca’s are particularly good for dotting.
Tweaking the design with posca and
black pen can help with balance.arranging flowers with word4IMG_0736let me know if you get one finished!!!  enjoy


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